Keith W Bell:
consulting engineer
& web developer

Hi, I’m Keith

I am a consulting engineer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I work throughout Europe in the aerospace industry, specifically the space sector; more specifically, in supply chain product and quality assurance of electronic components and systems for satellite payloads. Friends joke that I’m a spaceman.

I’m also a skilled website developer, with a knack for building accessible, easy-to-use sites with super-clean, standards-compliant code — HTML5, CSS3, WCAG and all that malarkey. You’re looking at one right now.

I’ve visited a couple of dozen countries across three continents, I’ve lived in three in Europe, and I’ve co-founded a surprisingly unprofitable business in Asia. (Surprising to me, at any rate. Well, you can’t win ’em all…)

When I’m not working, I enjoy travelling, reading, following Formula 1 motor racing, watching films, moaning about the dumbing down of television, driving frisky French cars, gawping at impressive architecture and frittering away hours on teh interwebz. You will often find me listening to the likes of Van Morrison while testing the capacity of the St James’s Gate brewery to keep up with the demand for Guinness.

“Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man”

Those words by Robert Louis Stevenson have a certain resonance. This page is enough of an exercise in vanity without decorating it with a photo of my face. (You wouldn’t want that. George Clooney, I’m not.) Instead, I’m indulging my admiration of great architecture and my love of my home town, by randomly rotating some pretty pictures of the funky Scottish Parliament buildings in Edinburgh. Reload the page to see another. Or maybe the same one again — it’s random.

The Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood, Edinburgh

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