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By following good practices in design and coding, I’ve tried to make this site easy to use and accessible to everyone — no matter what browsing software or assistive technology you may be using. If you find something that needs improvement to make the site even more accessible, please let me know.

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Privacy, cookies & tracking

This site complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. You may browse the site without providing any personal data whatever, and I don’t collect any personal data about you, unless you give it voluntarily — for example, by filling in the contact form. If you do provide personal information, I will use it only to reply to the question or comment you send. I will not keep your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary; I will ensure that no-one else has access to it; and most importantly, I won’t give your name, email address or any other personal data to any third party without your knowledge.

This website does not use cookies of any description. (Cookies are tiny text files that are placed on your computer by many websites that you visit. As well as helping to identify you as a first time or returning visitor to a website, they can be set to track your web browsing activity.) Nor do I use any scripts on this site designed to track the websites you visit. The site does not use analytics software or native social media “like” or “share” buttons, which otherwise could build profiles of your internet activity.

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Copyright to the visual design of this website, the underlying code (HTML, CSS, etc.) that makes it work, and original graphics and text lies with me, Keith W Bell, and all rights are reserved. You may not copy or reproduce in any form the design, code or content of this site — but you wouldn’t want to do anything so banal and uninspired anyway, would you? You may print pages from this site for personal use, but not for public distribution or commercial purposes.

Copyright to the photographs of the Scottish Parliament shown on this site lies with the individual copyright holders. These are set out, along with the photographers’ details, on the photo credits page. Other photographs are credited on the pages on which they appear.

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Design standards & practices

HTML5 PoweredI have written the code for the pages on this site in accordance with the HTML5 and CSS Level 3 specifications published by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group and the World Wide Web Consortium. I believe every page conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 at Level AA.

I’ve used JavaScript to provide enhancements to the site for those visitors whose browsers understand it. However, the site does not rely on JavaScript to deliver its core content.

By following these standards and practices, I aim to ensure that the pages on my website are compatible with current and future web browsers, and to cater for assistive technologies employed by disabled internet users.

If you’re really interested, I’ve written up some more comprehensive technical details.

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